Villa Dorita is located in a beautiful and ecologically clean environment, somehow between the crystal clear waters of the Ionian Sea and the green hills with abundant olive trees, orange trees, lemon trees and other Mediterranean plants and flowers. In the town center and some of the most popular beaches are easily accessible and on walking distance.

Parga is a picturesque resort situated between the coastal region of PrevezaIgoumenitsa, opposite Paxos and Corfu and combines mountain and sea.

One of the most picturesque and cosmopolitan places in northwestern Greece, beautiful Parga invites you to experience its long historyits diverse natural beauty and the hospitality of its inhabitants.



You will see the island, in front of the beach with high cliffs, Onion and Garlic, Medieval castle on a hill west of town, you go to a boat and experience the breathtaking beauty and peacefulness of the sea caves in the bay of Lixnos, Sarakiniko, Agios Sostis and visit the fortresses of Parga and Anthousa.

Also you can visit:


3 km away from the Preveza, built in 31 BC to commemorate the victory of Octavian over Antony at the battle of Aktion. Endowed with exceptional privileges and franchises as "free" Greek city flourished until the 6th century AD. During the third century AD was the capital of Old Epirus with a population reached the 300,000 residents. Finally Nicopolis depopulated in the 10th-11th century due to earthquakes and raids. Much of the wall is visible from the street and there is a small museum.


Acheron Necromancy

In a hillock in the Mesopotamos village is the only necromancy of antiquity, in a building of the fifth century BC with cyclopean masonry, which survives even in spite of the impressive church built over the 17th century. According to the ancients there was one of the two gates of Hades (the other was in Tainaro) and there were going to communicate with the dead, after proper preparation.

The rock of Zalogo

It is the place of sacrifice of the women of Souli, which preferred to die rather than surrender to Ali Pasha in 1803. In a distance of 28km from Parga. You need the right mood, because the path will lead you there has 410 steps.



Huge beach suitable for everyone, families, couples, individuals, etc. It is next to Parga can be reached by boat either on foot or by car just note that you can enjoy all kinds of water sports. Recommend a morning walk or dusk.


12 km from Parga after Agia village, you can go by boat from Parga. Suitable for all families, couples etc. Water sports: water bike and canoe. A small section of the beach is covered with pebbles. Parking available. There are restaurants and cafes, with good food.


Before Parga is a beautiful beach where you can do water sports and all the good of civilization. There are cafes, restaurants etc. The beach can be accessed by boat and car.  Beautiful water and sand for the most part. It is suitable for everyone.


Central beaches in the town of Parga.